19 Awesome ChatGPT Prompts to Learn English Vocabulary

If you want to supercharge your English vocabulary using ChatGPT, you’re at the right place. This blog post will give you 19 effective ChatGPT prompts that will turn you into a wordsmith.

These prompts will help you learn new words and become better at expressing yourself. Let’s get started.

ChatGPT Prompts to Learn English Vocabulary

I have divided these ChatGPT prompts into 4 stages of vocab learning:

  1. Acquisition
  2. Learning
  3. Memorization
  4. Application

Now let’s learn the prompts you need to supercharge your vocabulary.

Prompts to acquire new words

First, you find the words you want to learn. Traditionally, the sources for new words were newspapers, magazines, study materials, or movies. Now, you have ChatGPT which can quickly give you entire word lists customized to your needs.

These are some sample prompts you can use to find new words:

Word lists for exams

Give me the most difficult 500 words asked in the GRE test

Newspaper words

Give me a list of most commonly used 200 formal words used in Editorial newspapers

The jargon or field-specific vernacular

Give me a list of jargons associated with the Publishing industry

Words randomly customized

Give me 50 words that start with ‘H’ but pack a punch

Phrasal verbs (for informal writing)

Give me 10 phrasal verbs for the verb “improve”

Collocations (Words that often go together)

Give me all collocations related to the verb “sprint”. Also, classify them according to the parts of speech. Also, make a super category of “Verb + collocation” and “Collocation + verb”.

Verb gradations (Verbs differing in the intensity of the action being performed: e.g. shove >> push >> nudge)

Give me 10 gradations of the verb ‘run’ that show different intensity of the action being performed.

Synonyms with nuances and connotations

Give me 13 synonyms for the verb “Walk” with their nuances, connotations and 1 example sentence each in a markdown table.

This prompt outputs this:

ChatGPT Prompts to Learn English Vocabulary: Synonyms for the verb "Walk" created by ChatGPT with their nuances

I hope you get the idea. Once you have acquired the words you learn, it is time to learn their meaning and nuances.

Prompts to learn English Words

After you have found a word, you learn its meaning, either through the context in which it is used or through dictionaries. Well, fortunately for us, we have ChatGPT that is so versatile, that it can help you learn words either of these ways and in many more.

Below are some prompts you can use to learn the meanings and nuances of English words:

Get simple explanations

Explain the meaning of the word ‘__________’ like I am 15 years old. Use real-life examples, similes and analogies.

Understand them in context

I will give you a word and you have to make simple example sentences with that word. The sentences should be conjunctive having two parts. The first part gives the context and the second part uses the word in the sentence, like this: “It was raining, so we couldn’t (sit in the garden).

Your word is “Embargo”.

Learn idioms through their origins

You will act like the greatest linguist and vocabulary master on the planet. Tell me the origins of the phrase “Rule of thumb” along with its meaning and a few example sentences.

Learn words through their Etymology (History of words)

Assume that you are the greatest etymologist on the planet. I will give you a word and you have expain its meaning through its etymology.

Your first word is ‘Haggle’.

Learn Phrasal verbs (through multiple example sentences because they have many meanings depending upon the context in which they are used.)

I will give you a phrasal verb and you have to give me 10 example sentences with that phrasal verb. You will include two synonyms of that verb based on the context in this format: __________ [ = Synonym 1, Synonym 2].

Put the bracketed part right after the phrasal verb and bold the phrasal verb. Your verb is “set off”.

This is the output that I got from ChatGPT:

image 12


Prompts to memorize these English words

Now that you have learned the meaning of these words, you will need to memorize them.

Here are a few prompts that will help you memorize and retain these words.

Flash Cards

You can provide ChatGPT with a list of words you want to learn, and it can work like a flash card helper for you. Try this prompt:

You have to act like a flash card helper with me. I will give you a list of words that I want to learn. You will randomly select a word and ask me its meaning. I will give answer and then you will ask me the meaning of another word from the given list.

Here is the list: Meticulous, Pragmatic, Ephemeral, Prolific, Ameliorate.



I will give you a few words and you have to make a quiz for me. You will write a sentence with blank space and give me 4 options out of which only 1 will be correct. Then I will give you answers and you will check them.

These are the words that I want to learn — Meticulous, Pragmatic, Ephemeral, Prolific, Ameliorate.

You can customize these quizzes as per your requirements.

Prompts to apply these English words

Now that you have memorized these words, it’s time to practice them. The only way to practice the learned words is by using them in sentences.

You can ask ChatGPT to check your sentences using the following prompt:

I am learning a few English words by using them in sentences. I will tell you the word and the sentence I created with it. You will check the sentence and tell me if I used it correctly.

Here’s the word: “Fruition”

Sentence: My efforts came to fruition when my son finally got the job.

Practice writing sentences using all derivatives

If you want to go deeper, you can ask ChatGPT to give you all the derivatives of a word and then practice by writing example sentences for all of them.

Here, try this prompt to get all the derivatives of a given word:

Give me all derivatives of the word “Reminisce” in plain list. Also mark them with their parts of speech. Do not explain them.

ChatGPT gave me the following list:

  1. Reminiscent (Adjective)
  2. Reminiscently (Adverb)
  3. Reminiscence (Noun)
  4. Unreminisced (Adjective)

Now an appropriate course of action will be to write sentences using all of these words one by one.

I hope the above ChatGPT prompts will be immensely helpful to your vocabulary-learning journey. Remember, ChatGPT is extremely versatile. You can use it the way you want to.

You just have to tell it what you want.

Thanks for reading this post. If you liked it, please share it with your friends and family.

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