9 Best AI Email Writers (Free and Paid)

Writing effective emails can be a time-consuming and tedious task.

You want to make sure your emails are engaging, on-point, and optimized for conversions, but you don’t have the time or resources to do it manually.

Luckily there are AI tools that can help you write better emails quickly and easily – both free and paid options. In this article, we’ll explore the 9 best AI email writers so you can find the perfect fit for your needs!

Let’s go.

What to look for in an AI email writer

There are a few features that make one AI email writing assistant stand out from others:

Browser extension

A browser extension is a must-have with an AI email writing tool. This is because you write emails in a separate tab from your AI tool.

In the absence of a browser extension, you will have to generate emails in one tab and then copy & paste this output into your email compose textbox. Switching tabs is distracting and can quickly hog much of your time, defeating the purpose of using AI tools altogether.

A ubiquitous browser extension solves this problem by being active everywhere you write on the web. The AI’s icon hovers nearby the textbox and can generate any output at a click of a button.

A dedicated browser extension also gives you the flexibility to just select text and rephrase, rewrite, shorten, or expand it in one click.


No matter how good your AI tool is, it won’t do much if you don’t have any templates to work with. Look for an AI email writer that offers pre-made templates to help you save time and get better results.

Unlimited words

AI technology is great but it’s still new. On many occasions, it doesn’t get things right the first time. You might need to generate outputs more than once to get the right copy.

Therefore, look for AI tools with unlimited words so you don’t have to worry about exhausting your word limit.

AI Email writers Free and Paid
Written by Jasper.ai

With an overview of important features, let’s now have a look at some free and paid email writing assistants.

Free AI email writers

Obviously, free AI tools won’t provide all the above features. Nevertheless, they are a great fit when you are just starting or need to write emails only occasionally.

With that in mind, here’s the list of five free and four paid AI email writers that will fulfill your needs.


ChatGPT obviously comes at the top. It is currently free for unlimited use but also offers a paid plan ($20/month) if you want a faster server response and better uptime.

It uses the latest and greatest GPT-3.5 (GPT-4 on paid versions) which is one of the largest language models. Its natural language processing capabilities are unparalleled and its responses look pretty human-like.

As it is trained on one of the largest datasets, it can craft responses for almost any scenario in any tone. It also stores all your past outputs so you can refer to and modify them anytime by providing contextual commands.

Here’s an example of a ChatGPT command and the outreach email produced by ChatGPT for guess blogging:

I want to write a guest post on a reputed blog in my niche. Write an outreach email for this. Keep the email short and concise.

ChatGPT is a great free ai email writer.
Output by ChatGPT

Bing Chat AI

Bing Chat from Microsoft is an AI-powered search engine that allows users to ask questions and get personalized replies. Bing Chat is available for free and can be accessed via the Bing search engine.

If you use Microsoft Edge, there’s a handy button on the sidebar which brings up the chat and compose menu.

image 38
Bing’s compose feature

Bing chat is built on top of GPT-4, so the quality of output is very similar to that provided by ChatGPT. Here’s the output produced by Bing chat for the same email:

Bing chat offers a free alternative to ChatGPT for writing emails using AI.
Bing’s output of guest blogging email

One advantage of using Bing Chat over ChatGPT is that Bing Chat can access live internet to look up information whereas ChatGPT can’t (yet). However, the Bing chat isn’t persistent, meaning that you lose all your chat history once you close the tab.

Google Bard

Bard from Google is yet another completely free chatbot that you can leverage for writing emails. Bard runs on Google’s proprietary PaLM 2 language model. It is still in the early preview stage so its quality of output is yet to be assessed in comparison to ChatGPT.

Here’s the email written by Google Bard for the same command:

Google Bard is another great Free AI email writing tool.
Google Bard’s email output. Bard automatically gives you three outputs.

A great thing about Google Bard is it automatically produces 3 drafts, so you have options in case you don’t like an output.

Koala Chat

Koala chat is yet another AI tool that you can use to compose emails. It’s completely free, you don’t even need to create an account.

It has a simple, intuitive interface which makes it a breeze to use. I couldn’t find out any information about the AI model it is using but I liked the quality of the output:

image 41


Perplexity.ai is another AI tool that has made great waves as a free alternative to ChatGPT. It is however more than just a chatbot: It’s a full-fledged AI-powered search engine. You can use it for almost any purpose and it replies after collating answers from several sources.

I asked to write me an email and this was its response:

image 42

There are some other free AI tools also such as YouChat, HuggingFace, Quicktools by Picsart, etc that do a decent job of writing emails.

Free tools, although do a good job, fail to truly streamline your email writing workflow. They don’t have a dedicated browser extension, nor do they have any prebuilt marketing templates, that give your emails zing.

Here are 4 paid AI email writing tools that I highly recommend. They will not only skyrocket your productivity but also spice up the quality of your emails.


Jasper.ai is like a Swiss army knife for all things AI. You can use it for almost any kind of writing for any use case. It can be used to write blog posts, YouTube video scripts, Quora answers, Facebook and Google Ads copy, and much more.

It comes with over 60 templates, an AI art generator, a chatbot, recipes, workflows, and a full-blown smart document editor.

To write emails, you can either use the personalized cold email template or any other marketing frameworks such as AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action), PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solution), Before-after-bridge (BAB), or any other format you desire.

Jasper is the best AI email writer. It offers first 10,000 words free.
Jasper has many templates for you to craft emails for any scenario.

Here’s the outreach email written by Jasper.ai:

image 44
Outreach email example (Written by Jasper.ai)

The best part is that it has a handy browser extension that is power-packed with all the same features. It runs everywhere whether you are writing in Gmail, Outlook, Rediffmail, Hotmail, or any of your company’s mailing platforms.

You just have to give it a command and it will execute it for you.

image 46
Jasper has a fantastic browser extension that is super powerful.

You can also use any of the templates right from the browser extension itself. However, the beauty of its browser extension is in its select-to-modify feature.

When you select a piece of text, the Jasper.ai extension gives you options to rewrite, rephrase, shorten, or expand it and do a lot more.

image 45


You can get the first 10,000 words free with Jasper using this link.

If you need more than that, you will have to purchase their paid plan which starts at $49/month ($39/month when paid annually). You get all features and unlimited words which is pretty reasonable when you think of all things it can do.


image 47

Writesonic is yet another AI writing tool that can write emails for you. It also boasts all the features that make email writing or any kind of writing smooth. It also comes with a Chrome extension and over 80 AI templates. You also get the flexibility to write using GPT-3.5 or GPT-4.

Writesonic offers a free trial for the first 10,000 words using this link. It is also one of the cheapest tools out there. You can get started with as low as $19/month ($12.67/month when paid annually).


image 49

Textcortex has one of the most powerful and feature-packed Chrome extensions out there. It also possesses all the features that you can expect from an AI writer but it shines for writing on other websites (because of its Chrome extension).

Textcortex is a little expensive in comparison to other AI tools on this list but it offers 10 creations (100 words each) free per day. Sign up here for Free with TextCortex.

Its prices start at $24.99/month (19.99/month when paid annually) for individual plans. You can also get the higher-tiered Business plan if you need that.


image 48

Copymatic is yet another light-on-the-pocket AI writing tool that can help you craft perfect emails. It comes with a dedicated Chrome extension which gives a ubiquitous AI chatbot.

The process of generating emails with Copymatic is simple: just give a command and it writes the email for you.

Copymatic’s trial plan offers 1500 words for free. Its paid plans start at $29/month ($19/month when paid annually).

Final remarks

In conclusion, there are many AI tools available that can help you with email writing. Whether you’re looking for free or paid options, the above list has something to offer everyone.

If you are looking for a free option, go with ChatGPT or Bing Chat. If the free options don’t cut it for you, go with Jasper.ai ($49/month).

If you want a low-cost option, go with Writesonic or Copymatic.

Thanks for reading. Did I miss any important tool? Tell me in the comments.