Explode Your Clickthrough Rate with this Simple Trick

Do you want to learn how to skyrocket the clickthrough rate of your blog?

Trick is simple: use powerful, intense words. Adjectives and verbs, specifically.

Tell me, which of the following titles will you click first:

Increase Your Click-through Rate with this Simple Trick

Boost Your Click-through Rate with this Simple Trick

Skyrocket Your Click-through Rate with this Simple Trick

Explode Your Click-through Rate with this Simple Trick

Most people will click either the third or the fourth, even though all four of them convey a similar idea. The hack lies in knowing that some words hit harder on a reader’s psyche than others.

Words having an intense shade of meaning are more impactful because they promise just a little more to the reader without bloating the headline. Sample these titles:

This Extremely Terrifying Video Will Not Let You Sleep for Hours.

This Blood-curdling Video Will Not Let You Sleep for Hours.

The second headline conveys more with less. As soon as the reader’s eye falls upon the headline, he subconsciously knows what to expect from the video.

This is why you need a list of powerful, intense words.

I have compiled a list of words with the help of ChatGPT that will inspire you to craft headlines with sky-high clickthrough rates.

Here’s the list with example headlines. Just remember that these were written by ChatGPT so there’s still some room for improvement.

Powerful Words to Improve Clickthrough rate

Here you go —

WordStronger versionExample headline
GoodAmazing“10 Amazing Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing”
BadHorrendous“The Horrendous Mistake You’re Making in Your Job Search”
IncreaseSkyrocket“How to Skyrocket Your Website Traffic in 30 Days”
ReduceSlash“5 Secrets to Slash Your Monthly Expenses in Half”
ImproveTransform“Transform Your Skin with These 5 Simple Habits”
ChangeRevolutionize“Revolutionize Your Productivity with This Simple Trick”
HelpSupercharge“Supercharge Your Weight Loss Journey with These Tips”
TipHack“The Ultimate Life Hack: 10 Tips to Save Time and Money”
TrickSecret“The Secret to Getting More Instagram Followers”
EasyEffortless“Effortless Ways to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills”
NewCutting-edge“Discover the Cutting-Edge Technology Behind Our Latest Product”
ImportantCritical“The Critical Reason You Need to Start Saving for Retirement Now”
FunnyHilarious“10 Hilarious Memes That Will Make Your Day”
SeriousGrave“The Grave Consequences of Not Getting Enough Sleep”
GreatIncredible“5 Incredible Benefits of Meditation You Need to Know”
BigEnormous“The Enormous Impact of Climate Change on Our Oceans”
SmallTiny“Tiny Changes That Can Make a Big Difference in Your Health”
CheapDirt Cheap“The Best Dirt-Cheap Travel Destinations You Haven’t Considered”
ExpensiveSky-high“The Sky-High Cost of Healthcare and What You Can Do About It”
OldAncient“The Ancient Secrets of Successful Leaders Throughout History”
NewGame-changing“Game-Changing Technologies That Will Shape the Future”
TrueUndeniable“The Undeniable Truth About the Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet”
FalseBlatant“5 Blatant Lies Your Boss May Be Telling You”
BestUltimate“The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Online Deals”
WorstCatastrophic“Avoid These Catastrophic Mistakes When Starting a Business”
SmartGenius“10 Genius Strategies for Boosting Your Brainpower”
StupidIdiotic“5 Idiotic Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in the Stock Market”
ExpertMaster“Becoming a Master Chef: Tips from a Culinary Expert”
IncredibleMind-blowing“10 Mind-Blowing Facts About the Universe You Never Knew”
BoringTedious“How to Make Tedious Tasks More Enjoyable”
BeautifulStunning“10 Stunning Nature Destinations You Must Visit in Your Lifetime”
EasyEffortless“10 Effortless Ways to Boost Your Productivity at Work”
DifficultChallenging“The Most Challenging Hikes in the World You Have to Try”
HappyEcstatic“10 Ecstatic Moments You’ll Experience When You Start Exercising”
SadHeartbreaking“The Heartbreaking Reality of Homelessness in America”
InterestingFascinating“5 Fascinating Facts About the Human Brain You Need to Know”
BoringDreary“10 Dreary Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well”
ExcitingThrilling“The Most Thrilling Adventure Sports You Have to Try Before You Die”
SuccessfulTriumphant“How to Achieve Triumphant Success in Your Career and Life”
FailFlop“The Biggest Flop Business Ideas You Should Avoid at All Costs”
BeautifulExquisite“10 Exquisite Pieces of Art You Need to See in Person”
UglyHideous“The Hideous Truth About the Fashion Industry’s Environmental Impact”
CleanPristine“10 Pristine Beaches You Have to Visit Before They’re Ruined”
DirtyFilthy“The Filthy Reality of Air Pollution in Urban Areas”
FastLightning-fast“The Lightning-Fast Tricks to Boost Your Website’s Loading Speed”
SlowSluggish“The Sluggish Habits That Are Killing Your Productivity”
SmartBrilliant“10 Brilliant Strategies for Outsmarting Your Competition”
StupidMoronic“The Most Moronic Social Media Trends That Need to Die”
TiredExhausted“The Exhausted Parent’s Guide to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep”
SleepyDrowsy“10 Drowsy Side Effects of Common Medications You Should Know About”
DifficultDaunting“The Daunting Challenges of Starting a Small Business in 2023”
BigColossal“The Colossal Benefits of Adopting a Plant-Based Lifestyle”
SmallMinuscule“10 Minuscule Changes That Can Improve Your Mental Health”
GoodExceptional“The Exceptional Benefits of Learning a New Language”
BadAtrocious“The Atrocious State of Mental Health Care in Our Country”
ImportantCrucial“The Crucial Factors to Consider Before Investing in Real Estate”
UnimportantInsignificant“5 Insignificant Habits You Need to Drop to Be More Productive”
WealthyRich“10 Rich and Famous Entrepreneurs Who Started from Nothing”
PoorDestitute“The Destitute Reality of Millions Living in Poverty”
OldAntiquated“The Antiquated Systems Holding Back Our Education System”
NewRevolutionary“The Revolutionary Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Business”
HealthyVibrant“10 Vibrant Foods That Boost Your Health and Mood”
SickAiling“The Ailing State of Mental Health Care in Our Country”
TrueUndeniable“The Undeniable Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation”
FalseDeceitful“5 Deceitful Myths About Success You Need to Stop Believing”