The ULTIMATE Review of Jasper Chat (Better than ChatGPT?)

Jasper Chat is a ChatGPT-like feature in that allows users to talk to an AI chatbot as if they are talking to a super-intelligent human.

Using it is simple — you ask it something and it replies. It achieves this feat using features such as natural language processing, semantic understanding, and more.

The team behind Jasper AI claims that it has downloaded and analyzed about 10% of the internet so this tool is almost omniscient. You can draw on its vast pool of knowledge to get precisely what you want.

Jasper Chat has been designed to be user-friendly, so even those with limited technical knowledge can use it. In this blog post, I’ll explain the features of Jasper Chat in detail and how they work together with other Jasper AI tools such as Document Editor and Recipes.

I’ll also provide some tips on how to get the most out of it and discuss why Jasper Chat is better than ChatGPT.

What is Jasper Chat?

Jasper Chat is an AI chatbot that is designed to interpret natural language and provide answers to questions in human-like responses. In other words, it is designed to talk like humans.

To get answers, you don’t have to learn any syntax or commands. Treat it like your human assistant. Just talk to it the way you would talk to your assistant.

To get started with Jasper Chat, you will have to buy the Jasper AI subscription.

After signing into Jasper, you will be taken to the dashboard. On the sidebar, you will find the “Chat” tab.

Jasper Chat

Clicking on this “Chat” tab will bring this screen before you:

Jasper Chat: The user interface of Jasper Chat is simple and straight-forward,

Here, you will find a text box at the bottom. This is the input field.

Here you type your command or question and hit enter. Jasper will then produce an output.

Jasper Chat Features

Jasper Chat has several features including Natural Language Processing, the capability to reply in a human-like response, the memory of previous commands to understand the context, and to create output in custom formats such as markdown tables.

Let’s give it a try!

See what happens when I ask it to generate some click-worthy blog post titles on the topic “60-days Fitness program for IT geeks”.

Jasper Chat: You fill in input and Jasper produces an Output. It is as simple as that.

Just like that! It gave me 6 grab-and-go headlines that I can further fine-tune to suit my blog post.

It works on almost all kinds of queries. For example, if I want an output in the tabular format, I can get that too.

Here’s the input that I gave Jasper —

I need a list of best clickbaity headlines for YouTube videos. The list should be in a markdown format and have fields – Title of the video, views amassed, channel name, publish date

Here’s the output produced by Jasper –

Jasper Chat: it can format its output in the markdown table also.

Remembers previous interactions

Jasper remembers the previous commands and his answers to them. It means that you can use words like this, that, above, below, earlier, previous, he, him, she, those, there, it etc in your subsequent queries to refer to the elements of your previous interaction.

This is immensely useful as it can be used to fine-tune the output to your liking by using follow-up queries.

For example, I start the conversation by asking Jasper to list out all the movies by Tom Cruise. It gives me this reply:

Jasper Chat (query: List of all tom cruise movies)

Then, I ask it to refine this output by giving me the names of movies released after the 2000s —

Jasper Chat: It remembers context and previous conversation.

Note that I didn’t need to say “Tom Cruise movies released after 2000” or anything. Jasper Chat just got it from the context that I was talking about Tom Cruise movies when I said “only the movies released after 2000”.

Now, it’s super easy to make Jasper Chat do what I want. In the next screenshots, you’ll see how Jasper changes the output according to what I ask for.

Convert this list of movies into a markdown table –

Jasper Chat: Fine tune your output using follow-up queries.

Show me only the movies having two words in their name (Pretty whimsical, don’t you think!)

Jasper Chat: example

Movies having alliteration in their name —

Jasper Chat: example

Okay! It made a mistake here. None of the movies listed in the above screenshot is a Tom Cruise movie. This only goes on to show that AI isn’t perfect (yet). It can and will make mistakes and improve over time.

I hope it is now amply clear how Jasper Chat can be used to fine-tune the output without rewriting all your existing queries.

Tone of voice

Jasper Chat is capable of writing in different styles. For example, I start the conversation by asking it to write a paragraph about the review of the Sapiens book (in a neutral tone). This is what it produced —

Jasper Chat: Example of a review of the Sapiens book (in neutral tone)

I then ask it to rewrite that in Victorian English of the 1850s:

Jasper Chat: Example of a review of the Sapiens book (in Victorian tone)

In Hip tone:

Jasper Chat: Example of a review of the Sapiens book (in hip tone)

In a sarcastic tone:

Jasper Chat: Example of a review of the Sapiens book (in a sarcastic tone)

In the style of Shakespeare:

Jasper Chat: Example of a review of the Sapiens book (in the style of Shakespeare)

In the tone of a pirate:

Jasper Chat: Example of a review of the Sapiens book (in the pirate tone)

You have seen only a glimpse of what Jasper Chat can do. It can write in many different styles, such as funny, serious, casual, witty, mysterious, and more. You can even ask it to imitate famous people or fictional characters, such as Elon Musk, Neil Patel, Arthur Conan Doyle, or Sherlock Holmes.

Jasper Chat is a powerful tool that can handle many tasks. It is only limited by your creativity. It can do more, much more powerful tasks than what I have demonstrated here.

Jasper Chat vs ChatGPT

A question must be raging within your mind: how does Jasper Chat fare in comparison to ChatGPT?

Both platforms are similar in some aspects and dissimilar in others.

Both the tools have all the features you’d expect from an AI chat assistant: fast response, a massive knowledge base (covering about 10% of the internet), user-friendliness, and being light on your pocket.

There are, however, a few parameters where Jasper has a slight edge over ChatGPT.

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Jasper Chat can connect to the Internet

The knowledge cut-off of ChatGPT is September 2021. It means that it has not been trained on data or events that happened after September 2021. Thus, it only has a limited knowledge of the events after that date. Add to this the fact that it cannot incorporate the information (after 2021) on which it has not been trained.

Therefore, the responses it produces for queries pertaining to events after 2021 are sometimes wrong or not useful. For example, see what happens when I ask it the name of the president of India —

ChatGPT produces the wrong output for queries before 2021

And yes, India did elect a new president in 2022. It’s a good thing that ChatGPT warns about the change. Here’s another query, this time about Queen Elizabeth

ChatGPT produces the wrong output for queries before 2021

This is outdated information. The queen died on 8 September 2022, so she is not the current queen of England.

Jasper, unlike ChatGPT, can connect to the Internet and provide responses to things on which it has not been trained. There’s a toggle below the input field to allow Jasper to Include Google search data.

Jasper Chat has a feature to connect to Google.

Watch what happens when I query “Who is the president of India” (without turning on the toggle) —

Jasper Chat output for a query without connecting to Google search data

It gives me an incorrect answer. Mr. Ram Nath Kovind is a former president.

Now, I turn on its access to Google Search data and query it again, see the results —

Jasper Chat gives correct output after being connected to the Internet.

Jasper not only gives me the correct answer, but it also cites some references from where it has scraped off the data. Same for the query about Queen Elizabeth

image 40

The ability to connect to the Internet is crucial in many respects. Suppose, I want recommendations for a laptop with the fastest processor.

The ChatGPT can only give me recommendations for the laptops launched before September 2021. However, Jasper can connect to the Internet and formulate its response taking into account the recently released products as well.

Jasper Chat is faster in producing output

When I tested Jasper Chat and ChatGPT, I noticed a big difference in their speed. Jasper Chat gave me instant answers in one go, while ChatGPT took longer and showed me the words one by one.

Why is that?

Well, ChatGPT is still free for everyone to use. That means it has a huge load of over 100 million users on its servers. It can’t handle that much traffic without slowing down.

But the Jasper chat is different. It’s a premium service that only paying customers can access. That means it has more server power and less congestion. It can deliver faster and better results to its users.

Of course, this might change in the future. ChatGPT might (and will) become a paid service too and improve its speed. But for now, Jasper Chat has the edge over ChatGPT in terms of speed.

Jasper Chat is Uncensored

ChatGPT is heavily censored. If you ask it about anything offensive or even something taboo, it will likely flag that and give you a sermon explaining why it is a bad thing.

Suppose, I ask ChatGPT— How is a porn movie shot?

This is its response —

image 41

I try the same thing with Jasper. It produces similar output to the above but when I turn on its access to Google search data, it produces this —

image 42

In my opinion, the query about the porn movie shooting is not inappropriate or sexually explicit. It is a genuine query that can be responded to without using any sexual innuendos or explicit language. Think of it like sex education in schools.

This is just a glimpse of how ChatGPT has been severely restricted from responding to a wide variety of topics.

Less AI-detectible content

I found that Jasper Chat’s content was slightly less AI-detectible than ChatGPT’s content, but the difference was very small and negligible. Both tools produced similar results for most queries. Jasper had a slight edge over ChatGPT in some cases, but only by 2 to 4% according to’s AI-detection tool.

This is, however, not a decisive advantage because the output can be made less AI-detectible by changing the input.

ChatGPT is better in the overall quality of response

These features of Jasper Chat do not however take the shine away from ChatGPT which is better at producing great quality output (almost every time).

In my testing, I’ve discovered that ChatGPT is an extremely conversational language model that has quite a few benefits over its counterpart Jasper Chat.

ChatGPT is excellent at remembering previous queries and generating a coherent output. It’s truly impressive! It even goes one step further and warns the user when a response contains data from the pre-2021 period.

For instance, when I asked about the current president of India, it accurately informed me that Mr. Ram Nath Kovind was the president as of September 2021 but also mentioned that he could have been replaced by now. On the other hand, Jasper Chat failed to give such a warning.

Furthermore, I’ve noticed that Jasper Chat often loses track of the conversation’s context, providing responses as if the query is fresh. However, ChatGPT is exceptional at maintaining and grasping the context of previous interactions, making it a more impressive model than Jasper Chat.


In this blog post, I went over Jasper Chat and explained a few of its features.

Jasper Chat is a total game-changer for anyone who creates content or runs a business online. It’s got really smart language skills and an easy-to-use setup that makes creating content super fast and easy.

Plus, it’s linked up with Google Search, which is great for writing content on the latest trends and topics.

I also compared Jasper’s Chat tool with ChatGPT and showed how Jasper Chat is unique and special with its features.

Seriously, if you want to make your content creation process quicker and improve your online presence, you need to check out Jasper Chat.

Try it out and see the difference it can make!

FAQs about Jasper Chat

1. What is Jasper Chat?

Jasper Chat is an AI-powered chatbot that can be used to create content such as blog posts, and emails, or to get curated answers to your queries. Talking with Jasper Chat is like talking to an extremely intelligent and obedient person. It can do pretty much everything you can with textual input.

2. How does Jasper Chat work?

Jasper Chat uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to analyze your query and then respond with an appropriate answer. The output produced by Jasper depends heavily on your input so it is you who has to learn how to ask the right questions to get relevant answers.

3. What types of content can I create with Jasper Chat?

You can use Jasper Chat to create a variety of content types, including social media posts, email marketing campaigns, blog articles, product descriptions, and more.

4. Can I customize the content generated by Jasper Chat?

Yes, you can customize the content generated by Jasper Chat to fit your brand’s style and tone. You can also edit the suggestions provided by the tool to make them more relevant or add your own ideas.

5. How much does Jasper Chat cost?

Jasper Chat comes bundled with the Jasper AI subscription plans. Presently, the words produced by Jasper Chat are not counted towards your monthly credits but this might change in the future.

6. Is there a free trial available for Jasper Chat?

Yes, there is a free trial available for the Jasper AI subscription (which comes with Jasper Chat included). You can sign up on their website to try out the tool before committing to a subscription.

7. Is there customer support available for users of Jasper Chat?

Yes, there is customer support available for users of Jasper Chat. You can contact their support team via email ( if you have any questions or issues with the tool.