[Solved] Enter Key Not Submitting in ChatGPT in Smaller Window

If your Enter key is not working as it should on smaller ChatGPT windows, this blog post is for you.

Recently, I was fiddling with ChatGPT and documenting its responses in Google Docs. The constant switching between tabs was turning out to be quite unproductive. So, I yanked ChatGPT out and put it in a separate browser window.

Then, I made it smaller (half the width of my screen) and placed it right next to my main Google Docs window.

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But guess what? A new issue popped up in the ChatGPT window: pressing the Enter key no longer submit my input to ChatGPT, it just moved the cursor down to the next line.

Now, every time I wanted to send something, I had to use my mouse to click the green “send” button.

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(As it turns out, this hiccup happens because when the browser window is less than 768px wide, ChatGPT’s website switches to its mobile version, where pressing Enter doesn’t mean “submit”. Even if you somehow force the browser to load the desktop version of ChatGPT in a narrow window, the Enter key still doesn’t submit your input.)

Reaching for the mouse again and again disrupts workflow, so to maintain productivity, I started looking for a solution that would retain the full functionality of the ‘Enter’ key even when resizing the ChatGPT window.

Enter key not working in smaller ChatGPT window

I did a bit of searching online and fortunately, stumbled upon a Chrome extension called the “Enter key for AI“.

I went ahead and installed it. And it worked! 🎉

It worked right out of the box. I just installed it and reloaded the ChatGPT tab.

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The cherry on the cake is that it works smoothly not just with ChatGPT but also with Claude.ai. Notably, Microsoft Bing Chat and Google’s Bard don’t suffer from this issue. So whatever AI chatbot you are using, you are covered.

So, if you’re frustrated with the Enter key not working on narrow ChatGPT windows, give this extension a shot. You will thank me.

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