How to Press Enter in ChatGPT Without Submitting

If you want the Enter key to not work as the submit button in ChatGPT, this article is for you. 

ChatGPT has a straightforward and easy-to-use interface. You type in your command and press the Enter key to submit it. And it promptly generates a response.

But what if your intention isn’t to submit the input immediately? What if you wanted to compose a multi-line message or break your command into paragraphs? 

Well, there’s a solution for that too: You can use the default key combo Shift+Enter to insert line breaks within your input text.

But what if you’re accustomed to pressing the Enter key to go to the new line? It can be quite frustrating to expect a line break but instead, find that your command has been unintentionally submitted.

Wouldn’t it be good if the Enter key took you to the next line, instead of submitting your input?

Well, you are in luck because there is a Chrome extension to do exactly that. It’s called ChatGPT Ctrl + Enter sender.

You just have to install it and it works right out of the box 🎉🎉.

Now, pressing the Enter key in ChatGPT will bring your cursor to the next line. To submit your input, you will now have to press the key combo Ctrl+Enter.

Keep in mind though that this extension works only when the ChatGPT window is wider than 768 pixels. On smaller ChatGPT windows, it might even break the default functionality of the Enter key.

If your Enter key does not work in the smaller ChatGPT window, read the linked article.


How to use the Enter key in ChatGPT?

The Enter key in ChatGPT works as a submit button when the ChatGPT window is wider than 768px. However, you can press “Shift+Enter” to bring your cursor to the next line.

Just a heads up, if you are using ChatGPT in a smaller window, the Enter key simply brings your cursor to the next line. You will have to use the mouse (or trackpad) to click the green airplane button to submit your command.

How to add a new line in ChatGPT?

The default keyboard shortcut to add a new line in ChatGPT is “Shift+Enter”.

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