5 Best AI Writers for Academic Writing (Free and Paid)

Are you tired of staring at a blank screen, struggling to find the right words for your academic papers? Well, we’ve got you covered!

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the 5 best AI writers for academic writing.

We know how important it is to find reliable and efficient tools, so we put over 25 of them to the test. After rigorous evaluation, we’ve handpicked the top 5 AI writers that outperform the rest.

Let’s get into it.

But first, if you are in a hurry, here are our top 3 picks that you can just grab and go:

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Jasper.ai is the absolute beast and perfect for most people. You get access to a super-powerful AI chatbot that can generate responses after collating data from online sources and can also cite them. It also comes with a smart document editor which cuts your editing time by 80%. Plus, you get over 60+ templates, Recipes, an AI art generator, and unlimited words.

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PerfectEssayWriter is handmade for essays, researchers, and academic papers. It comes with tons of templates catering to students and professors and also provides citations and references. It also comes with a citation generator template which can help you find appropriate references to support your thesis.

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Perfect essay writer ai

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Writesonic is a great cost-effective option with all the bells and whistles of more popular and expensive tools. Its AI chatbot (named Chatsonic) is also in line with other AI tools such as Jasper chat and can also produce AI art from right within the chat interface. Its greatest pull is its lower price point: it starts at just $19/month ($12.67/month when paid annually).

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What are the top AI writers for academic writing?

Before jumping into the list of AI writers tailormade for academic writing, knowing what makes an AI writer great is a good idea.

Buyers Guide

When it comes to academic writing, every AI tool must have the following few features:

Quality of output (GPT-3 or above language model is best):

Quality of output is probably the most important factor when it comes to any kind of writing.

AI tools use Large Language Models (LLMs) to source their data. The better (and larger) the language model, the better the output.

Presently, GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and 4 (of ChatGPT fame) are all the rage because of their exceptional ability to understand user input and respond in a human-like manner.

AI chatbot with the ability to connect to the Internet:

Probably the most important thing for academic and essay writing is that the AI writers should produce factually correct data, along with their citations so that the same can be manually verified if the need arises.

Although the data from all AI writers are old (depending on the cut-off date of their language model), some AI tools come with advanced AI chatbots which can look up Google and craft answers (along with their sources) for things happening as recently as just 1 hour ago. T

hey also cite their references from where they have gathered their data, so it’s a breeze to fact-check.

Long-form document writer

If you are writing a long academic paper or an essay, you are going to be needing a lot of assistance. Most AI writers come with some kind of “AI-powered” document editor.

These document editors are more than just a pretty notepad in disguise. They can help you with several of the routine repetitive tasks such as paraphrasing, summarising, rewriting, shortening, expanding, or even proofreading your text.

Able to bypass AI detection

Unfortunately, there is no AI writer right now in the market that can bypass AI detection from tools like Originality.ai.

All outputs that these AI writers produce contain the signature or the watermark of the language model from which they source their data, which can be caught by AI detectors.

So, you might need to use a word scrambler or paraphrasing tool like Undetectable.ai which is built on the premise of producing content that evades AI detection.

There are a few other factors as well that are important for an AI writer (but these factors are not essential for academic writing). The most prominent ones are:

  1. Templates: Templates produce a fixed kind of output. You just feed than what your output is about and the template will automatically formulate the output for you, such as a tweet, email, outline, etc. Most AI writing tools come with 50+ templates which is more than sufficient.
  2. AI art generator: AI can now generate a fresh piece of art just from your text input. If you need to publish images, an art generator is a great option.
  3. Browser extension: If you want to take your superpowers everywhere you write on the web, you need a browser extension, otherwise you will have to keep on switching tabs and copy and paste the output from one to another.

Now that we have covered what makes an AI writer perfect for academic and essay writing, let’s jump right to the list of AI tools.

We will begin our list of academic AI writers with paid tools.

Jasper AI

The best overall AI writer that checks all boxes.

Jasper AI is one of the best AI writers for academic writing.

Jasper AI is the absolute beast when it comes to AI writers in the market right now. It is the only AI writing company that was valued at over 1.5 billion in its latest round of funding.

It has everything: over 60+ inbuilt templates, an AI-powered document editor, Recipes, an AI chatbot called Jasper chat, a browser extension, and runs on GPT – 3.5.

Talking specifically about academic writing, it comes with Jasper Chat which can access Google for the latest info. It can produce content on almost any topic, even if it’s recent.

To generate an essay on any topic, you just have to type in your topic name and specify your requirements:


You should keep the search slider on if you want Jasper AI to fetch the latest info and cite its references. You also get an option to enhance your prompt, which will infuse life into your command:

Jasper AI comes with a button to enhance your prompt and make it rich.

Now, just hit send, and in a moment, you will be presented with the first draft of your essay, along with the sources at the end:

Jasper AI cite its references while writing essays or academic papers.
(Truncated) Essay written by Jasper.ai along with citations.

You can click the button in the bottom right corner to open this in the document editor and edit it to make it your own.

Jasper's document editor is the leader when it comes to AI softwares.

Using the AI chatbot side by side with the document editor makes for a seamless workflow. You can generate content in the left pane and edit it in the right one.

The document editor comes with a few superpowers of its own. You can highlight a piece of text and ask Jasper to rephrase, summarise, expand, shorten, rewrite in formal style, or do pretty much anything else you want.

This editor is very much context-aware, so whatever it produces is very relevant to your content. Plus, you can give it commands for, lets say writing concluding paragraphs. It will read the title, description, and about 500 words just before the cursor and then write concluding paragraphs. Talk about seamless!

It also comes with a great browser extension that lets you take your AI game everywhere you write on the internet.

Jasper AI is currently priced at $49/month ($39/month when you buy the annual plan). You can get your first 10,000 words free using this link.

🌳 Jasper AI Pros:

  1. The most powerful and formidable feature set of all AI writers
  2. Comes with unlimited words generation at a fixed monthly price
  3. The smart long-form document editor is unparalleled in the industry.
  4. Slick, intuitive user interface.
  5. Comes with unique Recipes and Workflow features not available in any other AI writer.

🔴 Jasper AI Cons:

  1. Might be a bit pricey if you only need to do it occasionally.
  2. The document editor has a little learning curve. You will need some time to adjust to it.

Bottom line

Jasper AI is the best ai tool for academic writing on the market right now. It has all features that students, teachers, researchers, and academicians need to skyrocket their productivity.

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Perfect Essay Writer

A great option made specifically for writing essays.

Perfect Essay writer comes with many templates, all geared towards academic and research writing.

Perfect Essay Writer is great because it is specifically tailormade for writing essays and all kinds of academic writing.

It comes with tons of templates such as essay writer, outline, thesis statement generator, and citation assistance to name a few.

It also has one of the most exhaustive input sets when it comes to writing essays.

It asks you for the essay topic, academic level, citation style, number of pages, citations, and for any specific instructions given by your professor.

It also comes with a citation assistance feature which lets you easily find citations for any topic or research paper.

image 7

However it’s still new (just 134 days old at this point), so it doesn’t have any other essential features such as a chatbot, browser extension, or document editor.

Its price starts at $39.99/month but you save 60% when you buy the annual plan at $199.99/year.

You can try this tool for free but it won’t allow you to copy the output unless you pay.

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Great budget option for people who only need to write occasionally.

image 4

Writesonic offers almost all the features of Jasper AI but comes with a smaller price tag. At just $19/month ($12.67 when paid annually), you get an AI chatbot, Art generator, browser extension, and templates.

It has a similar User interface (and color theme) to Jasper AI. Its chatbot (named Chatsonic) comes can also collate the latest data from Google and cite its references. However, a missing feature from Writesonic is the lack of a smart document editor.

Writesonic pros:

  1. Great UI/UX
  2. Very cost-effective (just $19/month)

Writesonic Cons:

  1. Lacks a dedicated long-form document editor
  2. The output is sometimes mediocre.

Get your first 10,000 words FREE with Writesonic. (No credit card required)

Let’s now discuss the free ones. The first one on the list is:

My Essay Writer

A great free option (for now).

MyEssayWriter is a great free AI tool for writing academic papers for free.

My essay writer is a great simple tool without any complexity. At this stage, it’s pretty nascent (just 132 days old), but it is being offered for free (for now).

You don’t even need to sign up for any free account.

Its user interface is simple, intuitive, and not cluttered in any way. It can accept 5 inputs: the topic of your essay, academic level, required no. of pages, number of citations, and specific details.

image 9

Once you fill in all the inputs, it takes around two minutes to craft your output.

Try MyEssayWriter for FREE.

Bing Chat

The next AI tool on this list is Bing Chat from Microsoft. Microsoft is bundling it with its Bing search engine and has also started baking it right into the search results.

Bing Chat is an AI chatbot, like ChatGPT but has some awesome superpowers.

It is absolutely free (and will likely remain so forever), and powered by the latest and greatest GPT-4 (from OpenAI), so you are getting the best deal.

Also, since it’s an AI chatbot, you don’t need to learn anything new. You can simply write commands in natural English and it will understand you.

Plus, it can access and look up information online in real time, so its answers are a bit more reliable than ChatGPT. It can also cite its sources which are critical in academic writing.

Bing chat is the best free AI writing chat bot for writing academic papers.

As this is a free chatbot, it doesn’t come with any smart document editor or browser extension, so you will have to edit the output somewhere else.

In my opinion, Bing Chat is one of the best free ai chatbots to use when you need citations and references.

You can access Bing Chat here for free.

A word of caution

While AI can supposedly write great-looking pieces of content, no AI output should be published or submitted without human intervention. AI tools are only good for getting your first drafts ready within seconds.

While leveraging new technology is laudable, it’s important to understand its limitations.

AI cannot produce anything new. It is only good at spinning text that it learned or acquired from its training data. AI tools are going to be of no use if you yourself do not have anything new to add.

Readers (and especially your professors) can easily see through when they read a fluff written purely by AI.

So, does that mean AI tools are useless?

No. Not at all.

They are good for rewording your thoughts, making them more clear and coherent, replacing informal words and phrases with formal ones, and much more. They can also write arguments and counter-arguments if you give them enough context.

It is more appropriate to call them writing assistants, instead of writers.


What is the best AI for writing academic papers?

Jasper.ai is by far the most powerful and feature-packed AI writer that can craft essays while also citing its references. It comes with a powerful document editor where you can edit your AI essay and make it your own.

What is the best free AI software for academic writing?

Bing Chat. It is a forever free chatbot running GPT-4 that cites its references, so it is the best AI tool for essays, academics, and research.

I hope you found this post useful. Thanks for reading!